C.I.A.O. Profile

Welcome to C.I.A.O. Australia

C.I.A.O. Australia was founded by Paul Failla on the 26th June 2010.


Paul Failla, Melbourne based businessman, has always from a young age of 16, he has participated in and created multicultural activities across Australia.


One of his most memorable achievements is to have been co- founder of an event in 1983 known then as Music for the People at Clifton Park Brunswick Victoria.


In later years the event was perfected by an officer of the then City of Brunswick ( Peter Lehman) of which was transformed until today into the world renowned Brunswick Music Festival.     


Over the years, Paul Failla has found a desire and need to create an organization that delivers cultures and integration toward our migrant societies living in Australia.


This incredible desire in promoting arts of our most valuable asset of Australian life (multicultural Australia) has brought the best out of him with the drive to write and perform songs, poems and plays - which landed him recognition from the State Government of Victoria for his poem “Reach Out.” Performed with one of Australia’s most toured group, Descendance Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders Theatre and Dance Group.


On the 26th November 2007, Paul Failla was awarded by the Governor General of Victoria, His Excellency Professor, David De Krester A.O and Premier of Victoria The Honourable John Brumby, Victoria’s Multicultural Award for Excellence in Service Delivery to Multicultural Victoria.

In 2009, he was nominated for Australian of the Year and has been a Special Guest Speaker on Australian Citizens Ceremony.


His initial focus was to assist elderly and younger generations who faced difficulties toward everyday living from various backgrounds of country of origins, Paul diligently offered his service and knowledge of which in most cases delivered favourable outcomes.


Today, he has found further necessity for younger generations that are searching and wanting to know more of their heritage backgrounds and understanding of their cultures of origin due to most of these young people being third or fourth generation migrant background.


Having travelled to many parts of Europe in recent times, Paul Failla has found a further passion in promoting lyric and art with a multicultural fusion between migrant Australia of which inspired him to write the lyrics to All the People of The World (Gli Uomini Del Mondo) together with a DVD filmed in Aboriginal land (You Yanks) Victoria and City of Melbourne, performed by co song writer Stefano Artiaco from Naples (Italy).


Whilst in Europe, Paul presented to the public what C.I.A.O. is all about and found that Europeans want to know much more about the Aboriginal cultures of Australia, the oldest living cultural history in the world.


By creating the C.I.A.O website with a shopping cartel allowing exclusive access to unique pieces of art and gifts designed by Paul Failla, he hopes to use proceeds of sale toward bringing foreign artists to Australia to perform together with our native Australians.


Creation of a membership and sponsorship has provided C.I.A.O with the ability to organise performances for all age groups and in recent times performances were held where it all started back in 1983 at Brunswick today known as The Brunswick Sydney Road Street Party.